DR Dream Homes

Increasing revenue by improving cash flow

DR Dream Homes, a company that works with custom builders to polish and prepare new homes for their owners, was using desktop accounting software for their accounting needs. When their reps were out in the field meeting with customers, they used a paper-based process to record and submit orders. Those paper orders had to be brought back to the office and manually entered into the system.

By moving to a cloud accounting model, DR was able to provide its reps with an app for placing orders and sending invoices to clients—all from out in the field, and it could all be done the same day they met with the clients. With this simple change, DR has seen a huge, positive difference in their cash flow simply because their invoicing process is so much more efficient. Using Xero as their main accounting hub, they also migrated to using Gusto for payroll and a custom scheduling app to schedule their jobs.

“I highly recommend Xero! It has streamlined our company and made a process that is highly complicated much easier to handle. It’s great software,” said owner Deborah Rhodes. Since moving to Xero, DR’s revenue has grown by over 20%.

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